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A revista Wired dedicou a sua edição de Junho 2003 a um número especial. Convidou Rem Koolhaas como editor especial. No editorial é dito:

«Our old ideas about space have exploded. The past three decades have produced more change in more cultures than any other time in history. Radically accelerated growth, deregulation, and globalization have redrawn our familiar maps and reset the parameters (...) Where space was considered permanent, it now feels transitory - on its way to becoming. The words and ideas of architecture, once the official language of space, no longer seem capable of describing this proliferation of new conditions.»

Seguem-se 30 textos sobre vários espaços:

«So, for this special issue of Wired, we at AMO have invited a cadre of writers, researchers, critics, and artists to report on the world as they see it. »

Falam, por exemplo, do «BLOG SPACE: Public Storage For Wisdom, Ignorance, and Everything in Between».

Está tudo aqui.

* pedi a expressão emprestada ao Archined LAC
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