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sexta-feira, junho 25, 2004



«One man should accept most culpability here and he is the captain, David Beckham, whose third successive aberration from the spot placed his team-mates under so much pressure.»

«Sometimes it makes you wonder. Why do tens of millions of English people writhe in front of TVs, the families of the players suffer up in the stands, reporters try to attach a narrative thread to chaos and the 11 men who are actually out there carrying all those dreams around continue to believe that 38 years of waiting can end in glorious triumph?»

«The release from purgatory will not come. England have lost the keys.»

«These are the stopping points on the Lisbon rollercoaster, but they give no clue as to the traumas along the way.»

«By the time any England fan reads this dispatch, morning will have doubtless brought a terrible ache, either from a hangover or the effects of intolerable stress.»

«Since penalty shoot-outs were invented by some malign God who would be run out of town if he ever showed his face, the night ends with a festival of ritual cruelty - a scapegoating of the player who has to put his name to the final miss.»

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