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domingo, agosto 29, 2004



O Paulo deixou um comentário ali em baixo que transformo em post (obrigado Paulo):

«Economic migration is still a hard fact of portuguese life, with successful émigrés often marking their return by building a house on a plot of land (the so called 'maisons de reve'). Yet the corrosive effects of this dislocation are evident. Portugal's rural interior remains chronically poor and depopulated, with 80 per cent of the country's population occupying a narrow coastal strip between Lisbon in the south and Viana do Castelo in the north. Somewhat alarmingly, this swathe of more or less continuous suburbia has become one of the most densely inhabited parts of Europe, but the rapidity, vapidity and intensity of such development is clearly not sustainable.
Portugal's urban landscape is not an inspiring sight, with many fine historic town centers in a dilapidated state, surrounded by chaotic peripheries interspersed with unimaginative new development.»

in Architectural Review, Julho 2004

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